Every year around 7 lakh + students appears for class 10 board exams in Karnataka, of which 5 lakh + pass and 2 lakh + fail. Similarly, 6 lakh + students appear for II PUC board examination, of which 3 lakh + pass and a whopping 3 lakh + fail.

The nature of our society has been so that the passed students are embraced with full grace and glory to pursue their higher education, whereas the failed students are rejected, neglected and disgraced thereby branding them as weak and incompetent to pursue higher studies and to enjoy a secured future.

Their performance in a 180 minute examination is taken as a yardstick for their 50 years of future to come. Whereas, the history stands as a proof showcasing few of the brightest and immensely talented personalities from around the globe who were labeled as "Failures" due to their inability to secure good marks in academics but later went on to create history with their sheer talent, determination, and hard work. Unfortunately, though we celebrate their success, achievements and glory, we conveniently forget their journey throughout. We know Albert Einstein as one of the greatest scientists of all time, but we forget the fact that he was considered as a "poor student" and even "mentally retarded" by his teachers. We know Sachin Tendulkar as one of the greatest cricketers of all time, but we conveniently forget that he was just a 10th Passed student. For us, they all have a lesson to teach and a message to pass.

"Success doesn't come from mere qualification, one needs to be passionate, determined, focused and Consistent in his efforts and the work he does".

We at Viyaan, try to create and provide an atmosphere where the so called "Failures" remain undeterred by their academic performance. We identify their potential, nurture their talent, motivate them to remain determined and focused. This has been our motto and will remain so.

To be precise, we provide a way out for Class 10th and 12th failed students to pursue their higher education without having to waste a full year. Students, along with pursuing formal education like PUC and DEGREE are also provided with job oriented programs duly recognized and certified by the best in the Industry.

Why Choose Us

We offer a quality educational programs to the students of our institute where they can nourish their skills and enhance their knowledge & abilities. The students are provided with innovative training methods and educational materials and prepare them to perform intellectual and innovative tasks.

Experienced Trainers

Our team of Trainers is highly skilled and experienced in their respective domains.

Special Sessions

Lot of special sessions are provided on a reguar basis to provide a thrust in performance and learning.


Affordable Fees

We believe in minimal fees for providing quality training to the students and thus our fees for everyone.

Placement Assistance

We provide professional training to help our students develop skills and assist them in getting placed.

Our Programs

  • For Class 10 / SSLC Failed Students

    Program Name: CCEP

    Duration: 2 Years

    Concept: An unique concept which provides an opportunity for a class 10th failed student to pass both 10th and II PUC board exams in a span of 2 years

    Program Benefit: Enables a class 10 failed student to pass both 10th and II PUC board exams without having to waste a year.

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  • For Class 12 / ⅠⅠ PUC Failed Students

    Courses Offered: B.Com - Bachelor Of Commerce and B.A - Bachelor of Arts

    Duration: 3 Years

    Concept: An unique concept where a 3-year B.Com and B.A degree program under Distance Learning  Scheme is converted into a Full-Time Learning Scheme along with value-added Job Oriented Courses

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  • Value Added / Skill Oriented Courses

    • Diploma in technical and professional skill development
    • SAP
    • Beauty and hair care
    • Electrical
    • Retail sales

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  • Building my career in viyaan academy enriched my life. I can somehow see that my future is totally reliant on the career for which I am greatful to faculty members.



  • I can positively say viyaan academy has made me a better person. it has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself.



  • It is nice to be the part of this academy. all the teachers are supportive. I have experienced a friendly environment on the campus.



  • In viyaan academy training and placement cell has continuously provided assistance in placing the students with different companies and more corporate



  • I am very grateful to the academy for providing us the best placement opportunities and finally got placed as assistant marketing executive.